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Oily Water Separators

An oily water separator (OWS) is a piece of shipboard equipment that allows a vessel’s crew to separate oil from bilge water before the bilge water is discharged overboard.

Bilge water is an almost unavoidable product in ship operations. Bilge water that is generated in proximity to shipboard equipment (such as in the engine room) often contains oil and its direct discharge would result in undesirable transfer of waste oil to the marine environment. By international agreement under the MARPOL convention, most commercial vessels need to be fitted with an oily water separator to remove oil contaminants before bilge water is pumped overboard.

Oily water separator equipment has been a shipboard requirement since the 1970s but recently it has become evident that oily water separators have not been as effective as had been assumed, and alleged improper operation of this equipment by crewmembers (sometimes called the magic pipe) has resulted in criminal prosecutions in the United States and to a lesser extent in Europe.

Getting rid of oily waste and sludge is a big problem at sea. All crew members should be aware of the penalties involved if waste water is not handled correctly.
A ship’s engine uses a lot of oil, so inevitably oil will leak whilst the engine is running and while the engine is being maintained and cleaned. The oily waste water created in the bilges has to go somewhere and the one place it can’t go is over the side!

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